Cushion covers uni 40x80cm natural

Cushion covers uni 40x80cm natural

Buying wool: cashmere, merino, mohair, cotton – on shelves up to the ceiling, the different yarn qualities are stacked here in numerous shades of color. Often only the main colors can be found in most wool shops, in the sales area of ​​the Hamburg wool factory, the individual gradations are lined up as if on a color scale. A visit to the big warehouse sale …

Crochet pillowcase set

A few years ago I read knitted dishcloths for the first time in a living magazine and was a little surprised – in times of microfiber towels! But they didn't let me go completely. Somehow wonderfully retro. Every now and then… Read more

Free pattern – crochet pimple pattern –

Knit dishcloths – # designhoch12 on March 17

The free pattern A huge, super-finished, beautiful flower square. From BoHo to Cl – #flower square #free #pattern #huge

4 tricks to prevent curling of edges

Sommerbrisetuch – free instructions – gluten-free recipes & creative ideas


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