Схемы вязания крючком

Knit a Gilmore Girls Hat inspired by Lorelai’s Rib Stitch Knitted Cap! I hope you are excited to knit up this Gilmore Girls inspired knit hat. I had so much fun making it and I think you are going to have a blast mastering this hat. #StudioKnit #knittingvideo #knittingpatte

Adorable! Knit a Bunny from a Square. Knitted Softies for Springtime and Easter with video tutorial by Studio Knit. #studioknit #knittingvideo #freeknittingpattern

Sewing trash can sew from two magnetic utensils for the table edge with a free sewing pattern from DIY Owl. Quick sewing instructions, perfect for beginners for order in the sewing room.

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